Those cheeks you’ve always dreamed of is at your fingertips!

Bichat fat bags are fat pads located at the bottom of the cheeks


Everyone has bichat bags. However, these fatty deposits can be exaggerated or deficient, giving the face a bulging or a more stylized appearance.


Through a simple process of cosmetic surgery called “cheek surgery”, with local anesthesia we can dry the bichat fat, remove the excess volume of these bags achieving a face more elongated, slender and making the facial bone structure more defined and so to accentuate the traits by refining the cheek.

After surgery, the recovery takes place at home.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Bichat Fat Surgery Barcelona, Spain


Question: Are the results definitive?

Yes, with this surgery you can get final results. Even if the person gains weight, it’s not needed to repeat the procedure.

Question: What kind of people undergo a bichat fat surgery?

Anyone who disagrees with his face can do it. It is a very fashionable, non-invasive intervention because many Hollywood stars have undergone it to beautify the face and get the long-awaited triangular profile.

Question: Are there any scars left after the intervention?

It has a very natural result and we will be able to notice it after the first month. The scars are not a problem, as they are inside the mouth.

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