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Rhinoplaty is a surgical technique that allows to increase or reduce the size of the nose or nostrils, change the shape of the bridge, the tip or the angle between the nose and the upper lip.

This type of surgery, which is also used to correct birth defects or defects caused by an accident, also cured nasal breathing problems.

The nose is the organ where the breathing begins and it is located in a critical area of the face, in which any aesthetic defect is appreciated at first sight.

The perception of these aesthetic defects is personal and in the face of the same defect, one person can ask for a surgery and another one does not. Aesthetic correction should be associated with improving the functionality of the nose.

The intervention is performed either by internal or external incisions depending on the case, which allows to manage the internal structures for correction.

Many times this intervention is complemented with the mentoplasty in the search for a better final profile of the patient. Special mention to the nasal correction of the patient who was born with fissured lip, this correction is of the most difficult one technically and it requires a familiarity with this type of deformity to obtain more optimal results.

We currently offer the Rinofast Method, in which we practice Rhinoplasty with local anesthesia for the small defects’ correction in different clinics.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rinoplastia

If you are thinking about a nose operation, a rhinoplasty, and you want to know some of the main topics that intrigue most of the patients, you can consult here. As more information you have in advance, the easier it will be for you to decide afterwards.


Question: Who is the perfect candidate to perform a rhinoplasty?

There are two types of candidates for rhinoplasty, those who are looking for a rhinoplasty for aesthetic reasons and those who need it to get their nose back to work properly.

Question: At what age is it recommended to have this surgical procedure?

It is important not to perform the intervention for aesthetic purposes before the face has developed completely, for instance, at least 18 years

Question: How long does it take to observe the final results?

In about three weeks, you can see some results approximately. But the nose that has suffered a rhinoplasty procedure can experience small changes for months, even a year.  

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