The salivary glands are the saliva producers, keeping an optimal humidification in the oral cavity.

The salivary grands can be divided into two groups:

  • Mayor salivary glands (submaxillary, sublingual and parotid) and
  • Minor salivary glands (spread all over the mouth)

Diseases that affect the glands can be divided into:

Lumps: Most lumps that affect the salivary glands are located in the parotid gland, followed by the submaxillary gland and the sublingual gland, in this order.

The treatment is a surgical one, and in case of excision of the parotid gland (parotidectomy), a thorough knowledge of the area is required, as it is closely attached to the facial nerve, that is the one giving mobility to the face muscles.

Obstructive processes: they occur when the saliva drainage is blocked by calculus (“stones”) or by a thicker saliva.

The treatment is usually medical and less often a surgical procedure is needed to remove the calculus or the gland.

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