The chookbones you’ve always dreamed of are at your fingertips!

An increase in this region offers two important benefits: a facial rejuvenation and increasing the beauty of the face.

Facial implants are a safe and permanent way to improve a person’s facial characteristics. Malar implants can create a better balance of facial features with more prominent cheekbones.

The cheekbones condition the projection of the middle third of the face and must be provided to the facial environment.

We can offer solutions to both the defects and the excesses of the cheekbones.

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Frequently Asked Question about malar surgery in Barcelona

Surgery of the malar

Question: At what age is recommended to do this intervention?

It is recommended that minimal age is when the kid stops growing. On the contrary, there is no maximum age to undergo the operation

Question: Will I have aches and pain, is the postoperative painful?

The discomforts are usually small as a result of inflammation and easily controllable with the medication prescribed by the specialist.

It's not painful, but it can be a nuisance. It is normal to feel a slight swelling in the mouth and in the cheekbone area the first few days.

Question: : Does the malar surgery leave scars?

After malar surgery, there is no visible scar.  The surgeon works through the mouth so all the incisions are made from inside.

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