Facial feminization surgery consists of reshaping the different areas of the face to give a more feminine perception.

What is facial feminization?

Facial Feminization surgery consists of reshaping the different areas of the face to give a more feminine perception.

Facial Feminization surgery encompasses a series of surgical procedures that allow us to modify and sculpt the soft tissues and the facial skeleton to transform the characteristics of a masculine face into those of a female face.

The goal is to end up with more feminine facial features by reconstructing the most important parts of the face that define the gender of the person.

Why would you choose AVR and Dr. Vázquez?

When a patient chooses Dr. Antonio Vázquez, he/she chooses a surgeon with more than 20 years of experience between public and private health services. He chooses a surgeon who is also a teacher at the University of Barcelona and chooses a surgeon who has total knowledge of the different medical techniques. In short, he would be choosing a high-level surgeon in facial feminization surgery.

Dr. Antonio Vázquez has access to a developed team of doctors, nurses and coordinators in the prestigious Medical Center Tecknon, in the Hospital Universitario Germans Trias i Pujol and in Nuestra Señora del Remei Clinic, completely prepared for assist you in this very important moment of your life.

How does facial feminization work?

After a first recognition visit, we carry out a facial study and reach a consensus with the patient so we can design a personalized surgery.

We try to reach the patient’s expectations, within the surgery limits.

In terms of shape and size, male and female faces are quite different.

We handle the forehead, nose, cheekbones, lips, chines, Adam’s apple remodeling, mandibular angles and neck, with the idea of harmonizing and softening the features that make the face more masculine.

The difference between the two types of face is obvious, and it’s necessary to analyze the facial features before the intervention.

In order to perform the facial feminization surgery, we have to do a face analysis with a CT in 3D and a photographic study.

The surgical procedures to carry out a facial feminization are the following ones:

Forehead reduction and orbits: the frontal bone is reduced to remove the bulging. The upper orbital arch remodeled and the eye touch is treated to make it more feminine. If you want to know more about this procedure click here.

– Rhinoplasty. The tip of the nose is decreased and the nasal-labial angle is increased. For more information click here.

– Cheek augmentation with malar surgery. For more information click here.

– Lip augmentation: Lip augmentation to give a more feminine look to the upper lip.

– Mentoplasty, Dpending on the cases: decreased mandibular angles to change male signs; augmentation using the Chig Win technique. For more information click here

– Adam’s Apple remodeling.

Contact and Budget

Contact and Budget

Dr. Antonio Vázquez can treat patients in Spanish, Catalan, French and English.

Our budgets are tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

For this reason, AVR Maxillofacial follows the policy of not posting any price on the Web or in any of the promotional media, because each case is analyzed individually to offer individual budgets.

Frequently asked questions about facial feminization

Dr. Antonio Vázquez can treat patients in Spanish, Catalan, French and English. Contact us for a first visit and budget. In order to evaluate and present a budget outside the province of Barcelona, and thus not having to move until the time of the intervention, we can do the first consultation by skype, if photographs were previously sent.

facial feminization

Question: When can I wash my hair?

24 or 48 hours after the operation.

Question: Can I sunbathe?

Yes, most scars are internal

Question: Can I smoke?

The fact of smoking causes it to heal worse, but it is not against any indication

Question: How long will I have the inflammation?

90% of the swelling will desappear in a week

Question: Which area will appear swollen?

The area that will appear more swollen is the angles of the jaw

Question: How will the scars be?

All the scars will be internal, except those of the forehead, which will be hidden with the hair.

Question: Will there be hair loss?

If you make the incision right on the edge there will be no hair loss, whereas if the incision is on the scalp, there are cases where you may lose some hair.

Question: Will I lose sensitivity?

There is some loss of sensitivity that recovers over the course of a month

Question: What kind of pain can be expected?

Pain when opening and closing the month for a week or 10 days, and the discomfort of the nasal plugs for 2 or 3 days.

Question: How do I clean the areas with extra-oral facial incisions? What should I do and for how long?

The wounds should be cleaned with soap and water for 15 days.

Question: What can I eat?

Soft diet during 7 days

Question: For consultations and medical examinations outside Barcelona, How should I proceed?

The first consult for the evaluation and budget can be by skype, to avoid moving. Once the budget is accepted we can provide flights and hotels if necessary.

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