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AVR Maxillofacial Surgery, psychological-medical support for patients and personal pre-and-post-operative accompaniment.


AVR Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic and Dr. Antonio Vázquez, maxillofacial surgeon expert in facial feminization and cleft lip, have created the concept of psychomedical chat, continuing its progress, after attending and operating patients all over Spain. This change adds the possibility of carrying out medical chats and video consults through WhatsApp.

This way, the patients not only contract the surgical-medical services in the clinics where the doctor operates, but also through the mobile app they can solve their medical doubts without leaving home, or through the psychomedical chat and video consults with professionals and surgeons.

For us it’s essential to reach the maximum commitment with the patient. The key to success is that we integrate all these procedures into the normal care flow of a patient, and not as isolated services among themselves.

It is a global accompaniment experiences for the patient, offering everything he or she may need at that exact moment. The revolution is not just on the market, one single annual fee, affordable for most people, but in the experience we add to the patient. Thanks to the psychomedical chat, the users don’t need to buy a medical service to enjoy the most innovative services any time.

The launch of the Psychomedical Chat is part of the health strategy to win the 21st century patient over. A patient loyalty plan that encourages the care and prevention of your health.

We want out patient to really feel safe in the Psychomedical Chat.

  • This Psychomedical Chat is specialized in patient care before, during and after a surgical procedure.
  • It arises from the need of our patients to have a psychological and medical accompaniment in real time. Because your consult cannot wait, and because knowing that there is always some expert on the other side of the pone gives an extra sense of security that is priceless.
  • Solve all your health doubs anywhere, anytime.
  • You will have the opinion of a medical professional whenever you need it, wherever you are. Write about how to approach your health problem, about the symptoms it carries or any doubts related to the use of medication, and you will receive professional advice.
  • You can also share experiences and receive support not only from your doctor, nurse or coach, but also from people who have face the same pathology as you have.
  • There are currently 4 Psychomedical Chatsopen:
    • Facial feminization
    • Clift lip surgery
    • Rhinoplasty
    • Global maxilofacial surgery.
  • Chat Price: 100€ per year


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  • Personalized accompaniment chat                        doctor for 1 year


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