Treatment of sleep apnea

What do conventional treatments for sleep apnea mean? Lifestyle change, positive pressure breathing, CPAP, mandibular advancement splints, MAD, OSA surgery and soft palate implants.

Many patients cannot be treated by these methods

These methods cant always avoid the CPAP machine



Dr. Antonio Vazquez progressively elongates the length of the mandible until the normalization of apneas is achieved.

Conventional methods to cure sleep apnea.

The current treatment for sleep apnea entails a change of habits and wearing a positive pressure breathing machine at night. Dr. Antonio Vazquez uses the IMDO technique, by means of a progressive elongation of the mandible, the sleep apnea can be cured and patients can stop using the breathing machine.

  • CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)

    CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) Dr Antonio Vázquez cures sleep apnea with a progressive mandibular elongation In addition to lifestyle changes, people with moderate to severe OSA need CPAP treatment. It consists of a small pump that, through a mask that encompasses mouth and nose, introduces air continuously that keeps the airways open. CPAP requires […]

  • Mandibular Advancement Splints (MAD)

    Mandibular Advancement Splints (MAD) Dr. Antonio Vázquez cures sleep apnea with a progressive mandibular elongation These splints cause a mandibular advancement that can improve mild apneas. They are not recommended in more severe OSAS, although they may be a solution in some cases when the patient doesn’t tolerate CPAP. The function of the MAD is […]

  • OSA Surgery

    OSA Surgery Dr. Antonio Vázquez cures sleep apnea with a progressive mandibular elongation OSAs surgeries are not indicated constantly, as there is no evidence of their effectiveness, as well as possible complications they may have. Surgery is considered when the other treatments fail and the living conditions are severely affected. The treatments offered in are: […]

  • Soft palate implants

    Soft palate implants Dr. Antonio Vázquez cures sleep apnea with a progressive mandibular elongation Soft palate implants cause less vibration of the soft palate and prevent obstruction. They are placed with local anesthesia. The National Institute of Excellence in Patient care (NICE) says these implants are safe but not recommended due to its inefficiency. However, […]

Treatment of sleep apnea with the IMDO technique

Dr. Antonio Vázquez maxillofacial Surgeon, expert in the IMDO technique

Progressive mandible elongation to cure sleep apnea


Many patients cannot be treated with these methods and suffer a very altered quality of life because of sleep apnea.

Advanced bimaxillary osteotomies are another alternative to moderate OSAS, but they do not always allow to avoid the CPAP.

With our protocol, we progressively lengthen the mandible to achieve the apnea normalization

Three months later, we will operate the jaw and chin to normalize the occlusion, as well as the facial aspect.

In our experience, it is the only way to be able to cure severe OSAS, especially in patients with clear skeletal involvement.

In the following figures we show them how we get the mandibular distraction.

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